Josh & Hannah | Engagement

Every Fall, I take a trip out West to Colorado and this year I got to photograph these two lovebirds! Y’all. We did a little adventuring and hiked a total of 4 miles at 10,000 feet! (I didn’t realize this until afterwards! ha!) We trekked through Aspen forests, pine forests, and then arrived to the top overlooking the MOUNTAINS. AAHH!! It was so much fun, mostly because Josh and Hannah are two of the raddest humans, ever. Truly.

The Heritage Gathering

Northeast Ohio is home to a rare gem: a beautiful dining experience called The Heritage Gathering. It is a farm to table meal where everything is either grown on site or locally sourced nearby. The irony is that this isn't just about food. It's about the beauty of community and living fully out of your passions. The organic farm (Venture Heritage Farm) where this takes place is breathtaking...wide open fields of wheat, vegetables as far as you can see, open countryside, gorgeous flowers, farmhouses, and kittens. You can't help but take a breath and reflect...aaaand then eat, because THE FOOD. The food is the best you'll ever eat. Maybe it's because the ingredients are fresh and real. Maybe it's because the women have put their souls into every dish. Maybe it's because it's presented perfectly. All I know, is that it's FANTASTIC. The pace of the meal is slow and served family style, starting with drinks and appetizers. It gives folks an opportunity to focus on what matters: PEOPLE. There’s time between each course to walk around, sit and chat by the fire, and just HANG OUT. Each gathering is seasonally based, meaning sometimes folks are given the opportunity to pick flowers for bouquets, or pick fresh produce to take home and share. All while watching the sun slowly descend over the horizon. I mean, c'mon! How incredible! The evening draws to an end with dessert and hot coffee as you sit under twinkling lights immersed in full conversations. It's a spiritual experience that drew more emotion out of me than I expected. Witnessing this beauty reminded me that pieces of the kingdom of God are here, NOW. We are meant to care for and enjoy the fruits of His creation. This gathering is such a perfect picture of how to do this. Kirsten Detweiler, Rachel Forrer, and Jani Hershberger are the curators of this beautiful experience. Their love for food, hospitality, and beautiful details is evident in the entire gathering. If you get a chance to go, it will not disappoint.

Hershberger | Family

This crew. They have been living alongside us from the first days of moving to Ohio and I couldn’t be more grateful. They’re the ones we’ve literally called in the middle of the night, fed us for months while I was puking and pregnant, watched our littles while we hiked through Spain, taught me the ways of cooking and picture taking, and the list goes on and on. They’re family.