Shawn & McKenzie | Engagement

So, this engagement shoot was extraordinarily special. If I am being honest, I was a little bit nervous but HOLY MOLY…Shawn and McKenzie blew me away. Their love is so pure and so beautiful and you can feel it in their expressions. Shawn didn’t stop smiling THE ENTIRE TIME! And McKenzie, she will melt your heart with her grin. It’s uninhibited JOY and it’s infectious. They were THE BEST. Also, Venture Heritage Farm never disappoints, never. Perfect couple in the perfect location. MAGIC!

Siqi & Elizabeth | Elopement

This. This elopement was the SWEETEST. Like the genuine, make-you-feel-warm-and-fuzzy-inside kind of sweetness. Also, they eloped at a CASTLE in Alliance, Ohio! Who knew there was such a thing so close by?! Seriously though, Siqi and Elizabeth have such a tender, beautiful expression of their love for each other. It was incredible to be able to witness such sincere moments between them. Congrats you two!!!!

Ben & Alexis | Wedding

So here’s the deal. I am a sucker for a good outdoor wedding and this one took the cake! The Meadowood is one of the most GORGEOUS venues, ever!! The florals, the tones, the DRESS, the SUIT!! I mean, the details were to DIE FOR! BUT don’t misunderstand me completely. While I’m swooning over the style of this wedding, I am also so impressed with ALEXIS and BEN!! They are one of those couples that FIT. They are able to understand each other without saying a single word. It’s kind of incredible to witness. They are rad humans, for shizzle! Grab a seat, and enjoy the glory of their wedding!