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I am so thankful God decided food should ripen and be ready to harvest at different times.  If I had to manage preserving our whole garden all at once, I would lose it.  Right now, it's green bean time.  We have green beans coming out of our's awesome.  Here's a quick guide on freezing: 

After harvesting the first of a zillion batches, snap the ends off.  It takes a while, but I find it therapeutic.  I snap and watch tv while the littles are napping.  It's glorious.

Bring a pot of water to a roaring boil and then throw those beans in there for 3-4 minutes (being careful not to splash that hot water on yourself!).  

Strain the beans and immediately place in ice water, to stop the cooking process.  After they've cooled down, place them on a towel to dry.  Once they've dried, put them in freezer bags and in the freezer.  So easy.  And we'll have green beans all year long. 

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