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Our first substantial harvest of tomatoes yielded 73 pounds.  (!)  You should have seen me and my dinky (yes, you read that right: dinky) arms trying to carry this giant basket through the garden....not pretty.  Afterwards, I got to have a little photo session with these beauties because tomatoes are so photogenic!  Anyway, back to the purpose of this post: canning.  I'll eventually get to making sauces, salsas, soups, etc...but for this first round, I just wanted to process straight tomatoes.  

1. Get some water boiling and place those tomatoes in the water.  When you see the skin start to crack, remove the tomato and replace with another....until all your tomatoes have been heated.  This allows you to remove the skins easily. 

2. After all your tomatoes cool off, tear the skins off and remove the core.  

3. Use a knife and dice the tomatoes or (like me) just smoosh those tomatoes into pieces with your hands.  My friend, Shawna, helped me out yesterday with this.  (Aren't her hands lovely? teehee.)

4. Make sure your jars are clean and the lids sanitized (boil them in water).  I put the tomatoes in the jars with 1/2 tsp. of citric acid to ensure the jars seal nicely.  You could also use lemon juice.

5. In a water bath canner, boil these bad boys for 45 minutes and BOOM: preserved tomatoes! 

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