Dinner in Autumn | Personal

I am a firm believer in real community.  The kind that shares in life's messy moments as well as the beautiful ones.  The women you'll see pictured below are my tribe, my community.  We are all mothers of very young children and share in the wonderful and the terrible moments that come with motherhood.  It can become easy to lose yourself in the midst of caring for a family. We rejoice over how many days we can go without showering and whose leg hair is the longest, our houses are littered with laundry - toys - crumbs- etc., we've been drinking coffee to survive and not to enjoy.  In light of this, we decided to take a night to remember we are beautiful, intelligent, funny, talented, generous, loving, God-fearing women.  It was a time to celebrate the good things.  Mothers, take the time to care for yourselves...I promise, your children will thank you one day. :) 

P.S. This table was set by the lovely Jani. (She's also an incredible photographer! Check her out: www.janihershberger.com

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