Hey there! Here’s me and my crew: husband, Ryan and our little kiddos are Bella and Coen. We live in Ohio buuuut I have this constant need to “go” and so we are often traveling and adventuring all over the place. Our typical stopping grounds include Alaska, Colorado, Costa Rica, California, Virginia, and beyond! Whoo!

At our core, we desire to use our passions to serve others. I LOVE being a photographer. Capturing everyday moments, real emotions, and special celebrations (hello, weddings!) gets me so excited! (Truly, you have no idea…ha!) It’s my way of storytelling and it never gets old. I also have a fairly serious obsession with all things food related. We garden like crazy and then preserve like mad too. It’s the best. (don’t judge. :)) I put a ton of time and energy into making sure our food is grown and prepared in ways that nourish our bodies in the best way possible.

My husband, Ryan, is a man worth mentioning. He is my second shooter for weddings and it’s the best. He is a skilled craftsman who builds custom acoustic guitars ( http://www.gerberguitars.com/ .) I’m not sure you grasp what I mean when I say this because it’s really not fair how much skill and talent he has. Go check out his work…it’s insane. His attention to detail and ability to create masterpieces is inspiring. Aaaand, I usually have a project or two that he’s also working on, because he loves me so. (at the moment, it’s building end tables for our living room.)

Aaaanyway, whether you’re local to Ohio or hanging out on the beaches of Costa Rica, I’d love to help capture a piece of your story. Talk soon!